Fossil Group 

    Designs a New Engagement Strategy to Complement Their Culture of Togetherness

    Knowing the importance of team unity and workplace culture, Fossil Group partnered with Quantum Workplace to tailor an approach to engagement that would increase their ability to hear and act on employee voices.

    James Webb


    "While many vendors have integrated tools most of them feel like different solutions that are simply banded together. However, this is not the case when it comes to Quantum. If you can use one module you can use them all. Additional benefits of this integrated approach include faster ramp-up time for employees, less frustration for the end user, and higher user adoption. By linking these pieces you set the stage for predictive analytics as it relates to performance and engagement."

    James Webb
    VP of Global People Development & Engagement 

    The Company

    Fossil Group, a fashion designer and manufacturer known for their watches, sees togetherness as vital to the quality and productivity of their work — shown in their company saying, “greater together.” Since its beginning in 1984, the fashion manufacturer has made a considerable effort to #MakeTimeForGood both within office walls and outside of them. Fossil cares about its people, and the communities outside of the workplace, because this company believes that working together yields the greatest innovation and impact .

    Size: 10,000+

    Industry: Retail

    The Challenges

    Fossil Group always knew they had a great company culture and were proactive in their employee engagement initiative, by administering a survey every two years. However, their prior vendor relied on a manual process that couldn’t handle a global survey, and the surveys that they did administer took months to show results. By the time managers received results, the data was no longer relevant, and they were unable to make actionable changes. Fossil Group needed engagement technology that could handle a large-scale survey, provide real-time results and analytics, and empower managers to take action for meaningful change.

    The Solution

    Using QW's fast-acting feedback software to fully utilize engagement and exit surveys, Fossil Group was able to:

    • Receive survey results in a timely, relevant manner
    • Track and analyze employee engagement trends
    • Personalize reports for team leaders with suggestions on how to improve employee experience
    • Provide managers with the tools and resources needed to make actionable changes based on survey results
    • Better understand inevitable turnover, and stop preventable turnover in its tracks