The Employee Voice Award (EVA) honors organizations that prioritize their people. They understand that their talent is their greatest lever for success—so they’re dedicated to making sure their employees feel valued, heard, and connected to the organization. Focusing on collecting and analyzing employee feedback is important to understand what is driving engagement so meaningful changes can be made to strengthen culture and drive employee, team, and business success.  

This is your opportunity to be recognized as an organization that is making a difference in workplace culture. We want to hear your story, understand how your strategy is impacting employees, learn what's in your tool set, and share your success with others. 

Click here to read about the 2024 EVA winners.

It's easy to apply!

  1. Review the What You Need to Know section below.

  2. Pro tip: Download the Word version of the online application. We recommend using the word document to draft your answers. Once your answers are finalized, you can copy and paste into the online application form. Please note: you are NOT ABLE TO SAVE your progress in the actual application. 

  3. Submit the online application and email supporting files by Friday, April 12th. Supporting documentation can be sent to

  4. Quantum Workplace will determine the winners for each category based on the three categories listed below.

  5. Winners will be notified by Tuesday, April 30th.

Please direct any questions to

EVA Categories


At your organization employees want to stay - and talent wants to join. You have a magnetic culture that attracts the best and keeps the best. This magnetic culture is a product of trust and flexibility. Your employees feel empowered to do their best. 




Your employees and teams are high performing. They understand the role they play in helping the company achieve success and because of that, all levels of the organization are driving impact through performance. They regularly get feedback, recognition, and guidance from their manager and teammates.   



A people-first culture that gets results— Your employees have an engaging experience. You understand, validate, and improve upon what matters most. You ingrain employee engagement throughout your workforce all year round. You do not just solicit employee feedback. You act on it to ensure your employees feel valued and heard. And your managers feel empowered to make an impact. 



This award recognizes outstanding managers who epitomize the essence of engaging leadership within your organization. These exceptional leaders go beyond traditional management roles, actively fostering a positive and collaborative work environment. They prioritize open communication, professional development, recognizing and celebrating the accomplishments of their teams, and the cultivation of a high-performance culture. Their dedication to employee engagement sets them apart as catalysts for success within our organization.

Outstanding Manager Application
Outstanding Manager Application_Word Version


What you need to know

You can apply for the EVA if your organization: 

  • Has 50 or more full-time employees 
  • Utilizes at least one tool outside of the employee engagement survey (New Hire Survey, Exit Survey, Pulse, Recognition, Goals, Feedback, 1-on-1s, and Talent Reviews) 
  • Has Quantum Workplace software users outside of administrators  


What does it take for your application to be noticed? 

  • Narrative that helps the selection committee understand why you’re deserving of the award. Share the measurable business impact/success you've seen within the past two years because of your initiatives. Feel free to tell us about your entire journey, but make sure relevant actions were taken in the past 2 years. 
  • Analytics and measurable metrics to support that your initiatives are working 
  • Usage data associated with Quantum Workplace software
  • Participation metrics
  • Inclusion of your employees’ voices – attributed quotes from your employees, or maybe even comments from your survey regarding your strategy. These could be provided in written form or recordings. 


What will honorees receive?

  • A custom-engraved award 
  • Use of EVA logo to help recognize your organization as an employer of choice
  • A Quantum Workplace celebration kit 
  • Recognition through a news release
  • Opportunities to partner with Quantum Workplace for public relations opportunities such as: Award submissions, conference speaking applications, contributed articles, and media interviews.