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How to Increase Employee Engagement with a Basic 12-Month Action Plan


undefined-246358-editedIf a tree falls in the forest but no one hears it, did it really make a sound? This frequently-asked hypothetical accurately sums up an employee engagement survey.


If you conduct a survey but don't communicate or act on the results, what's the point? Was it worth doing in the first place?


The best thing you can do for your employee engagement initiative is communicate the changes you made and connect them back to the survey. 



For example: “As a result of our 2018 employee engagement survey, we implemented a company-wide recognition tool, installed taller cube dividers, and held Start/Stop/Continue meetings across teams to improve cross-functional relations and collaboration.”


It’s as simple as that. Everyone involved in each of those changes knew they happened, but maybe they didn’t connect them back to the survey. Adding a simple statement like, “As a result of our 2018 engagement survey...” can change everything.


Here is a basic 12-month action plan you can implement to increase employee engagement.


Month 1:

  • Work with your survey provider to design and administer the survey.
  • Once the survey closes, send out an email to your employees thanking them for participating and provide the overall response rate.

Month 2:

  • Review your survey results with your provider and internal survey project team.
  • Present the results to your leadership team.

Month 3:

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Month 4:

  • Make a plan at the organization level. Focus on two to three main areas.
  • Encourage managers to make a plan for their individual teams.

Month 5:

  • Act on the plan and communicate your actions. Check out this ebook for some creative ideas on how to incorporate engagement into internal communications.

Month 6 – Month 11:

  • Continue to take action and communicate those actions regularly.

Month 12:

An employee engagement survey is only as good as the action taken as a result of the survey. Our research clearly shows that response rates decrease the following year when you do nothing ,or don't communicate what you've done, with the data. Even if you made changes based on your data, if that isn't clearly displayed to employees, they won't make the connection and understand the importance of the survey. 


Communication is critical. Don't be the tree in the forest. For more ideas on how to boost engagement throughout the year, get your free copy of our HR Pro's Calendar Template.


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