Survey Aids Organizations in Better Understanding their Employees’ Perceptions around Mental Health and Related Support 

OMAHA, Neb. & RUTHERFORD, Calif.--Quantum Workplace, a leading provider of comprehensive employee engagement and performance software as well as the leader in data collection for nearly 50 Best Places to Work Programs across North America, and One Mind, a leading mental health and brain research nonprofit, announced today a new resource designed to improve mental health throughout the workplace.

The One Mind Mental Health survey, which will be automatically built into Quantum Workplace’s solutions platform, helps organizations gain a keener understanding of their employees perceptions around mental health resources and support. It is intended to drive feedback from employees, which in turn, enables organizations to improve mental health awareness and support.

The mental health pulse survey will be used by Quantum Workplace customers to gather direct feedback from their employees through a series of questions about mental health program awareness as well as both organizational and managerial support. This feedback is then used to elevate awareness across areas of concern within a given workplace and help guide organizations’ potential investments in their individual mental health programs.

“As the work landscape returns to some sense of normalcy and companies consider in-office, remote or hybrid workforces, we know that the pandemic forever changed the way we work. Now – more than ever – keeping a pulse on employee mental health is paramount as we believe the workplace will continue to shift and take additional shape over the coming months and years. Partnering with One Mind ensures we are abreast of this important issue by enhancing the resources we afford our customers so they too can stay on top of it amongst their own personnel,” stated Greg Harris, chief executive officer at Quantum Workplace.

Daryl Tol, executive vice president at One Mind, said: “One Mind has developed an expertise in brain health research and advocacy to enable individuals with mental health conditions to build healthy, productive lives. This has served as the basis for closely aligning with companies such as Quantum Workplace to spread the importance of mental health to the workplace to foster happy employees through a positive impact on engagement and performance. This new survey will shed light on many organizations as they acquire deeper insights into the mental health and well-being of their workforces.”


About One Mind

One Mind is a leading mental health non-profit that heals lives through brain research, working from science to services to society. One Mind launched One Mind at Work in 2017, a program that convenes business leaders to transform approaches to brain health with the goal of addressing mental health disparities and working towards a society and health care system that acknowledge that there is no health without mental health. By driving commitment from c-suite leaders, One Mind at Work believes it can transform the way mental health is perceived in the workplace – and ultimately, in society more broadly. One Mind at Work is a division of One Mind, a California-based non-profit with national programs that work to accelerate brain health research and advocacy to enable individuals with mental health conditions to build healthy, productive lives.