Kum & Go 

    Drives a Positive Customer Experience by Hearing Opinions from the Field


    Setting a convenience store apart from competitors takes a constant commitment to satisfying customers. For Kum & Go, that means having engaged field associates to provide friendly, customer-focused service at all times. Kum & Go relies on Quantum Workplace to maximize feedback that fuels associate engagement; because they know a company is only as great as the people representing it. 









    Adam Parrish


    “We believe a more engaged team leads to a better culture in our stores. Having teams aligned to our company’s purpose will ensure all efforts are pointed in the same direction. This allows us to move farther, faster. We believe our customers will feel the positive energy that stems from this, attracting them both as repeat customers and potential associates. Because of Quantum Workplace, we have a solid framework from which to drive change in our business.” 

    Tanner Krause 
    Senior VP of Grow People at Kum & Go

    The Company

    Since its founding in 1959 in Hampton, Iowa, Kum & Go has grown into the fifth largest privately held, company-operated convenience store chain in the United States. With more than 4,700 associates spread among 430 stores, the convenience store chain serves over 480,000 customers each day. In an industry where competitors are a dime a dozen, Kum & Go has survived by not being a “typical” convenience store – set apart by focusing on the customer. Their dedication to putting the customer first is shown in their commitment to engaging associates, who fuel a positive customer experience.

    Size: 2,501- 5,000

    Industry: Retail

    The Challenges

    With the need to constantly differentiate itself from the many competitors it faces, Kum & Go decided to put a focus on “making lives better” – starting with its own associates. Company leaders know that if their associates aren’t happy, their customers won’t be either. And as a company whose defining feature is the passion it has for providing a great experience to customers, disengaged associates weren’t an option. Kum & Go needed survey technology that could hone in on insights from their retail and hourly associates – so they could be better equipped to increase engagement, and in turn, increase the experience of the customers they work with each and every day.

    The Solution

    Intuitive employee engagement software that made collecting feedback practical and easy, offering:

    • Quick rollout of the survey and results
    • A view into the feedback of hourly field employees for the first time
    • The ability to slice data to view unique perspectives of field versus corporate employees
    • Personalized reports and suggestions on how to improve the employee experience
    • No-hassle technology that resulted in a nearly perfect response rate