A practical guide to giving and receiving feedback
Take Employee Feedback from Awkward to Awesome with This Guide

We all know employee feedback is essential. Employees crave it. Managers rely on it to improve and reward employee performance. Organizations depend on an exchange of feedback to grow employees and leaders, improve engagement, and retain top talent.


So why do we resist it? Why is giving and receiving employee feedback so uncomfortable, awkward, and terrifying? How can we improve and get the most out of this valuable but painful thing we call feedback? This practical guide will help you answers these questions and take your employee feedback from awkward to awesome.


In this ebook, we’ll:

  • Uncover the biggest mistake in employee feedback
  • Explore the challenges of giving and receiving employee feedback
  • Seek to understand the perspective of both the giver and receiver
  • Identify how different personality types might react to feedback
  • Provide the guidance on how to give and receive employee feedback
  • Reveal the do's and don't of giving and receiving feedback

Give feedback that Actually works.

  • Identify different feedback personalities
  • Combat the most common feedback challenges
  • Drive feedback that fuels your organization