of professional services employees are highly engaged


of professional services employees are considered a retention risk


turnover rate predicted by the end of 2021

Attract, Engage, and Retain Top Talent

arrow Real-time turnover insights. Understand turnover risk, patterns and trends to help you make smarter decisions around retention strategies. 

arrow Pinpoint retention obstacles and challenges. Empower leaders at all levels to take action that drives engagement and retention. 

arrow Facilitate a better workplace experience. Build a culture that allows employees to feel heard and keeps them connected and invested in company success. 


Build High Performing Teams

arrow Encounter less friction in talent strategies. Increase connection, foster an environment of professional growth, and maximize employee potential.

arrow Increase visibility with performance and goals. Enable matrixed organization and teams to routinely align and adjust their efforts to company goals.

arrow Provide insights to people leaders. Help your people leaders at all levels understand the impact of individual and team performance across the business. 


Thrive Through Change

arrow Readily capture and analyze employee feedback. Reduce the chances that change will negatively impact your business by keeping a pulse on employee perceptions. 

arrow Prioritize building trust between teams. Encourage and enable two-way conversations between leaders and individual contributors to build transparency and connection. 

arrow Equip your managers with the right tools. Understand the importance of your managers and providing them with the tools to connect, clarify, and aligns teams around change. 


3 Ways HR is Driving Business Success in Professional Services Organizations

Learn how professional services organizations can build effective engagement and performance programs, with tools that facilitate better manager-employee communication, stronger alignment, and full visibility for executive leadership on the impact of engagement and performance on business outcomes.