Best Places to Work

Frequently Asked Questions on the Best Places
to Work Program


Who runs Best Places to Work?

Quantum Workplace manages Best Places to Work in partnership with American City Business Journals and various other organizations, such as associations, chambers of commerce, and corporate sponsors. As the survey administrator, Quantum Workplace provides the analytical engine powering approximately 5,000 surveys annually and delivering the rankings to the publishing partners. Partnering business journals and associations announce the contest finalists and handle accompanying recognition events and publicity.

Why should I enter my company in this contest?

The benefits of entering the Best Places to Work contest are invaluable. Yes, you will you have the chance to become a nationally recognized Best Places to Work finalist. But that’s not all. You can also innovatively promote your employer brand with new recruitment and marketing strategies, gain insight on the likes and dislikes of your employees, and utilize your feedback to improve workplace productivity, enhance loyalty of clientele, and make business better.

How much does it cost?

It’s FREE! You can enter the contest, survey your employees, and access to an overview of your results all at no cost to you. However, for those companies that want more than recognition — like happier employees, a positive workplace culture, and better business — we offer additional benefits so you can make it happen such as, survey customization and advanced reporting.

How long does this process take?

The survey period is approximately four weeks, allowing employees to complete the survey at their convenience. After the survey closes, Quantum Workplace will process the data and send the results to the sponosoring organization. Non-finalists will receive their results within three weeks of the survey close date. Finalists will receive their results on the date of the sponsoring organization’s publication and/or event.

Which organizations sponsor the contest, and how can I find them?

The organizations that sponsor the contests are listed on the contest pages. Go to Find Your Contest to get started.

Who should take the survey?

All full-time, permanent employees within the contest area boundaries should be invited to take the survey. These employees have the most impact on your corporate culture and are usually a better judge of employee engagement.

  • But most of my employees work part-time. Can I include them? Yes, part-time employees must be included if they make up over half of your total employee count.
  • Should I invite partners/owners to take the survey? No, partners and owners should not be invited to take the survey.
  • My company has offices in multiple cities and states, should I include all of my employees? For competition purposes, you can only include employees who work within the region of your sponsoring organization. If you would like to include all employees to gain a full, comprehensive employee engagement report, regardless of geographic location, you can customize your survey.

The number of employees at my company has changed since I first set up the survey, what should I do?

Please contact bestplaces@quantumworkplace.com to discuss a change in your employee count.

Can my company participate if some (or all) of my employees don’t have Internet access?

Of course. If your employees do not have access to the internet, we offer paper surveys. For each paper survey used, a $2 fee will be added to the service cost. If your company is interested in using paper surveys, please contact bestplaces@quantumworkplace.com.

Why am I given a password after I enter my company’s organization code?

The password is given in case employees need to abruptly end the survey session and continue at another time. When your employees are ready to finish the survey, they may enter the given password and continue the survey at the point they exited.

How will I know how many employees have completed the survey?

You will receive daily email updates from Quantum Workplace informing you of your survey completion rate. You can also use the Response Rate report, provided to you on your survey site.

What security measures does Quantum Workplace take?

After the survey close date, Quantum Workplace runs through a security audit to ensure the validity and anonymity of the data.

How do I view the results?

All participating companies will receive access to the Free Overview report and can access their results online. Results will be available to non-finalists shortly after the survey close date; finalists will receive access after the publisher’s event. For those companies that would like more extensive reporting options, please view the reporting options.

Questions about the publication or event?

Contact your sponsoring organization. The contacts of sponsoring organizations are listed within each contest page. Go to Find Your Contest to get started.