Discover Manager Tips with Our Podcast: Manager Mysteries & Mishaps

Our mission at Quantum Workplace is to make work better every day, with the promise to help your managers cultivate a people-first culture that gets results. What better way to deliver on that mission and promise than to create a content channel devoted entirely to helping managers?


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Introducing Manager Mysteries and Mishaps

Manager Mysteries & Mishaps explores workplace topics of interest to managers, offering meaningful and actionable insights along the way. It doesn’t matter if you’re a front-line supervisor, an HR representative, or a member of the C-suite – if you manage people, then this podcast is for you. After all, everyone benefits when they learn how to manage people better.

This podcast is designed to meet you where you’re at. We know you’re busy! Each episode runs about 15-20 minutes and we release a new episode every other week. You can make it through an episode on your coffee break, during downtime between meetings, or while commuting to and from work.

We’ve even included full transcripts of each episode so you can read along or print to read later. Each episode can be found on our website or iTunes.

Podcasts are highly shareable and discussable. If you find an episode you especially like, we encourage you to share it with other people managers. You could even start a bi-weekly or monthly discussion group to review recent episodes and relate those topics to your team.


The Episodes

Although we’ve just announced the podcast, several episodes are already live for your listening pleasure. Below are a few of our favorite episodes, followed by full list.


Episode 5: How do you dodge silver bullets?

Do you try to take in every video and article sent your way, or do you avoid learning and focus more on execution? Do you suffer from Shiny Object Syndrome, jumping from one quick solution to the next? This episode is about quick fixes, how you learn as a people manager, and different types of engagement cultures.


Episode 7: How can you bridge the GAP to resolve conflicts in your team?

Team conflict is inevitable – it’s going to happen sooner or later. However, most managers aren’t well-equipped to effectively navigate conflict. In this episode we discuss how conflicts can be poorly handled and then handled well, especially through the lens of “bridging the GAP” – understanding team members’ goals, assumptions, and personalities.


Episode 9: You can get more out of your team meetings.

Most meetings at work are a complete waste of time because they’re either not needed or they’re not managed well. This episode offers suggestions on how to view meetings, including our golden rule: don’t have a meeting if there’s nothing to talk about. We also cover how to manage meetings better, and miscommunication that can happen during meetings.


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