Goodwill of Central Arizona

Listens, Addressing Employee Feedback with Positive Change

When employees give feedback, it is essential that companies pay attention. Through comprehensive and customizable surveys, Goodwill was able to turn its employees’ comments and concerns into strategies and initiatives.

“[Quantum Workplace’s detailed reports] gave us the perspective and the momentum we needed to identify actions that align to our core values, as well as our strategies for growth, higher retention, and greater employee engagement.”

Nobu Hara
Senior VP of Human Capital

The Company

Goodwill of Central Arizona is a company that its employees care about – in its most recent Best Places to Work survey, almost 1,500 comments came from its 1,063 employees. Obviously, Goodwill employees are committed to making their company the best it can be. Goodwill’s leadership doesn’t take employee feedback lightly, having long been committed to increasing each employee’s sense of value and respect. The organization prides itself on using feedback to continually execute and build upon its implemented strategies and initiatives.

Size: 1,001-5,000

Industry: Nonprofit

Solution: Engagement

The Challenges

Goodwill was getting ample feedback, but they wanted to ensure employees felt heard. How could the leadership team best gather, analyze, and use Best Places to Work survey data for positive change?

The Solution

By customizing their survey and purchasing advanced reporting, Goodwill of Central Arizona was able to:

  • Actively address employee comments and concerns
  • Show initiatives and progress specifically linked to employee feedback
  • Organize data into common themes, highlighting what the company does well and what needs work
  • Develop new programs to close communication gaps