Getty Images

    Obtains Real-Time Employee Engagement Snapshots Through Surveys

    With a diverse, wide-spread employee base, Getty needed a way to quickly obtain valuable feedback. Quantum Workplace's surveys were the answer.

    Leander Lesure

    "The (Quantum Workplace's) employee engagement survey has created a focus, truly on the voice of the employee... We wanted to engage with employees, but once you hear the voice of the employee,  the qualitative side, you truly understand that we have opportunity. And the good news is that we act upon what we hear."

    Leander LeSure
    Chief HR Officer

    The Company

    Founded on a mission to transform the stock photography market, Getty Images is a digital content agency that hosts a variety of different multimedia products to users across the world. They continue to lead the online visual communication industry with innovative digital media tools and licensing models.

    Size: 1,001-5,000

    Industry: Technology

    Solution: Employee Engagement Survey

    The Challenges

    As an industry leader, Getty Images requires a diverse set of roles to run the organization, making employee engagement a key factor in their ongoing success. The organization wanted to evolve its people practices, which necessitated a nontraditional approach to the typical employee engagement survey. Looking for real-time feedback and a way to act on their results before the next pulse, Getty Images sought a software that made it easy to measure engagement and empower their employees to take action quickly.

    The Solution

    An employee engagement software that empowers managers through real-time results and commitment planning.

    • Simple manager dashboard with customized engagement recommendations
    • Idea library full of helpful resources for managers
    • Personalized commitment plans to assist in setting goals and deadlines, updating progress, and asking questions