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The Role of AI in Recruiting and Onboarding

Twenty-five years ago, using robots to hire employees seemed like a dream that only the Jetsons could imagine. Ten years ago, it was a distant possibility. Today, artificial intelligence in HR, especially recruiting and onboarding is a reality, if not a necessity. By eliminating these tasks, artificial intelligence in the workplace is saving you time, money, and energy:


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Deciding Which Jobs to Fill

AI is there for human resources departments from the very beginning. IBM’s IRIS by Watson is designed to help recruiters prioritize which positions to fill, based on inputs like job complexity and company impact.

Writing Job Descriptions

Augmented writing software helps your written content resonate with potential hires. Software like Textio analyzes and predicts the efficacy of your current job listings, then suggests edits to improve the listings.

Vetting Resumes

Pomato and other similar technologies do the dirty work for you: Instead of spending hours sifting through resumes and eliminating candidates, these services match the best resumes to the appropriate open positions at your company.


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Scheduling Interviews

Gone are the days of sending six emails to schedule a simple half-hour interview. With automatic scheduling tools like Amy and Clara Labs, interviews are scheduled quickly, seamlessly, and without wasting any interviewer time.

Interviewing Candidates

Artificial intelligence can also augment – or even take the place of – the interview itself. Products like HireVue and TalentPitch measure candidates’ skills and personalities against those who have been successful in the same jobs, looking at qualities like facial expression and word choice.

Onboarding New Employees

There are questions that are asked in every employee onboarding: Do we get President’s Day off? What is my vision deductible? What percentage of my 401k contributions does the company match? With the advent of chat bots, employees can easily ask these questions whenever they come up, freeing HR to handle more complex matters.


Artificial intelligence in the workplace is here to stay – especially when it comes to recruiting, hiring, and onboarding new employees. What other trends are impacting recruitment and onboarding? Download our latest research report below to find out.



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