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The Best and Worst Leadership Qualities

Leadership is the foundation on which company culture is set. It trickles down and affects all areas of the company, both positively and negatively. Because of this, a company’s leadership directly influences its identity as an organization. Commonly, leadership is elusively described as good, bad, great, terrible, etc. But what specific opinions do employees have about their company leadership that gives it the vague reputation?


Below are comments captured this week that put rhyme and reason to a company’s leadership reputation. These comments were submitted on engagement surveys and reveal employees' opinions on the best and worst leadership qualities.


Why our leadership team rocks:

  • Leadership knows everyone and how engaged all employees are really floors me.
  • They stock the fridge with free refreshments!
  • Our leadership has given me the opportunity to grow, both personally and professionally, more than any other company I’ve been with in my career.
  • They’ve made it a fun place to work. We work hard, but we also play hard. I feel the leaders appreciate the fact that we have families and lives outside of work.
  • All of the leadership knows you by name and says hi; they are never too busy for employees.

Why our leadership could use some work:

  • They consistently demonstrate personal agendas rather than commitment to the organization’s goals.
  • My direct manger is ineffective and not trustworthy.
  • They need to be more considerate of associates' time. Many times we are expected to drop everything on a whim.
  • There’s been a shift in the thinking of senior leaders. It’s all about money and numbers now. I don’t feel people are the most important thing anymore.
  • Our leadership has yet to figure out how to effectively drive the bus.

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