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A Note from Quantum Workplace on Mission and Product Names

For 13 years, we have delivered tools that help employers capture and understand the voice of employees. Our early years were mostly employee engagement surveys with a killer online reporting site to analyze results. And by shipping major product enhancements every month for several years, we’ve maintained a leadership position among the industry’s most savvy technology providers. But our mission is bigger than just being a stellar employee survey company. We’ve long aspired to truly make work better every day. You may know us by our slogan “MAKE WORK AWESOME!


“Quantum” refers to a fundamental unit. Workplace is simply the place we work. At Quantum Workplace, we seek to help organizations understand at a fundamental level what’s working and not working in their workplace. We believe a firm’s ability to attract, develop, and retain talent is the single greatest equation for winning long term, and we help organizations uncover the basic pieces of that equation.


And as we got deeper into our client’s pain, we found opportunities to capture employee voice at other touchpoints. Exit surveys. New hire surveys. Leadership 360s. Performance management evaluations. Each new tool we developed sought to be different. We named it, built it, and marketed it as a standalone tool. For instance, we re-invented exit surveys with Wyygo. We got tired of gathering no data or crap data from departed employees. So we built a tool that relies on peer networks of departed employees to better understand the cause of turnover.


This strategy has helped us solve more problems for our clients. It’s made our tools more indispensable throughout the year—not just for 60-90 days of a traditional survey project. And this multi-product approach opened the door for a bigger data approach to human capital. It’s made us a one-stop-shop for employee feedback. And it has helped employers across North America demonstrate their commitment to innovate employee experience.


The only downside to our product strategy is the branding confusion we create when we launch new products. Our suite included product names like: TeamPulse (engagement survey), LeaderGrade (leadership 360), Wyygo (Exit survey), and GoalPost (performance conversations and peer-to-peer recognition). We want to simplify our product branding. Our clients know us as Quantum Workplace. Therefore, we will be discontinuing the use of individual product names like TeamPulse, Wyygo, Leadergrade, etc.


Going forward, our product – like our organization – will be called Quantum Workplace. It’s a company name, an employee feedback platform, a full-stack employee engagement solution, and a rallying cry for understanding the employee experience.


It’s all the same functionality without the quirky naming devices. Our tools are still modular and can be bought and deployed individually. For current clients, the only real change will be the absence of prodA-Note-From-QW-on-Misson-Product-Names.pnguct logos inside our applications. And instead of product-specific login pages, you’ll log into Quantum Workplace and (fear not, if you’ve bookmarked any of our tools, you’ll be automatically redirected). Like today, you’ll access whichever tools you’ve purchased from a single navigation bar. And each tool will be known for the function it performs. You’ll see tabs like Engagement Survey, 360 Feedback, Exit Survey, Recognition, Goals, and 1-on-1s. All of this will make it simpler for you and your employees to access your tools.


When we make our clients smarter about the narrative of their workplace, they recruit better, engage more, and keep their favorite talent longer. Our feedback platform is helping organizations make work better every day. That’s our mission. While our product names change, our purpose does not.


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