5 Must-Watch Videos on LGBT Discrimination in the Workplace

June is LGBT Pride Month, which commemorates the 1969 Stonewall Riots. Since that time, a lot of progress has been made by the LGBT community to protect their rights and end discrimination. But as we saw with the recent tragedy in Orlando, there's still a lot of ground to cover. 


According to HRC, 32 states in the U.S. lack fully inclusive protections against discrimination in housing and public accommodations on the basis of both sexual orientation and gender identity. And the workplace isn’t much better. In many places it is still legal to fire LGBT employees. How can we even begin to discuss improving the engagement and performance of LGBT employees when our workplaces don’t have a culture of inclusion?

Here are 5 videos that highlight the struggle against LGBT discrimination in the workplace:

Morgana Bailey: The Danger of Hiding Who You Are

A 2013 Deloitte study found that 83 percent of the LGBT community changed aspects of their behavior or appearance in order to fit in at work. In this TEDTalk, Morgana Bailey, an HR Pro, discusses the personal, workplace, and societal consequences of hiding who you are.



I Was Fired for Being Gay

Listen to this young man’s experience with LGBT discrimination in the workplace. It took him six years to comfortably share his story in public, and he encourages others to share their stories.



HRC Leads Call in Fight for Federal Equality for LGBT Americans on Capitol Hill

In this video introducing the Equality Act in 2015, several U.S. Senators and Representatives speak in favor of the legislation to end LGBT discrimination. It also features testimony from citizens who have experienced LGBT discrimination.



Transgender People In The Workplace

What kind of discrimination do transgender women and men face in the workplace? In this video, a gentleman describes his experience when a transgender woman applied for a job in his workplace. He discusses his coworkers’ reactions and how he responds and questions what someone should do in this situation. (Warning for language, mid-way through.)



Jennifer Brown: Finding Your Voice in the Workplace: Jennifer Brown at TEDxPresidio

In this TEDxPresidio presentation, Jennifer Brown discusses the impact of not bringing your whole self to work and the power diverse employees have to positively impact the success of businesses when they can be their true selves. Jennifer is the founder and CEO of a consulting firm based in New York that focuses on creating more inclusive and more innovative workplaces.



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Published June 23, 2016 | Written By Hilary Wright