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2015 Employee Engagement Trends Part 1: Recruitment and Retention Predictions

/ 12.9.14

What will the New Year bring in terms of employee engagement and all that it encompasses? We asked HR experts and thought leaders what they see coming down the pipe in areas like recruitment and retention, the workplace, technology and surveys, and performance, goals, and recognition management. Read their predictions!

Focus on Candidate Experience

“I expect ‘candidate experience’ to be the key john whitakerbuzzword in HR during 2015. We’ll see some strong pushback from the candidate population, many of whom are dissatisfied with the Applicant Tracking System & on-line job submission processes. The current system(s) are employer-centric and serve to eliminate candidates into a manageable subset.”

John "Whit" Whitaker

HR Hardball | Fistful of Talent


“Employers will finally see the employee or candidate paul hebertexperience through the lens of the employee, not just the company's interaction. In other words, companies may have more contact with potential employees when they are at other jobs and as alumni than they do now. Companies will look at the ‘long now’ of the employee experience not just the limited time from recruiting to separation.”

Paul Hebert

symbolist | Fistful of Talent


Recruitment Shifts to Marketing Function

“The talent acquisition side of business will continue to evolve in 2015. We’ve been increasingly asking our talent acquisition leaders to get involved with employment branding, recruitment marketing, and talent attraction when most have no marketing or sales background. Thus, we continue to see talent acquisition fail at the corporate level within so many organizations.
Soon you will begin to see talent acquisition shopstim sackett report into marketing and sales, and away from HR. (HR hates this idea!) It has to happen because talent acquisition is too important to the success of our organizations. Talent acquisition at the corporate level has to evolve to be successful, and HR has been holding it back. Our sales and marketing functions are more prepared and skilled to attract talent to our organizations.”

Tim Sackett

The Tim Sackett Project | Fistful of Talent


Rethink Hiring Process

“One of the most obvious (if not easiest) placesmaddie grant organizations will start to change is in their hiring processes. When organizations clarify and define what is valued in their corporate culture and what drives success, they will see greater success in finding the right people. Hiring for culture fit—rather than skills, which can be taught—is becoming more and more important in forward-thinking organizations.”

Maddie Grant

Culture that Works LLC | Social Fish


There’s a huge opportunity to re-engage with the unemployed and/or under-employed. These people are at the mercy of technology and are quickly discarded during job searches. A wealth of talent is desperate to be valued by a company for the skills they possess, rather than the state of their current employment.

John "Whit" Whitaker

HR Hardball | Fistful of Talent


Awesome Workplaces Become Best Recruitment Tool

“Employees have choices. Gen Xers and Millennials jessica miller-merrellin particular are not afraid to “job hop” to find a place that aligns with their values. Recruiting can sometimes be like filling a leaky bucket—companies need to stop the source of loss by developing a strategy and plan to fix it before filling up with new talent. Improve your culture, work experience, and employee engagement to make sure the best employees are staying at your company before you go out and recruit more.”

Jessica Miller-Merrell

Blogging4Jobs | Xceptional HR


"I think that the practice HR and recruiting organizations matt charneyneed to leave behind is thinking that their employees need them worse than they need their employees. We're all consumers of work, and top talent has a ton of choices - which is why it's imperative to get over the hubris and realize HR needs to be an enabler of professional development and personal growth, not just an enforcer of policies, or else retention's going to be pretty hard."

Matt Charney

Snark Attack | Recruiting Daily, LLC

“With the continued economic recovery and job growth, employees are increasingly going to feel comfortable Email-Signature-Jasonprobing the market for better opportunities. This is going to mean both increased turnover and the opportunity to recruit high-performers, particularly in the most valuable talent pools. The pain of turnover will cause leaders to react, searching for ways to make immediate improvements within their organization to keep their current employees and catch the eye of those looking for new or better opportunities. As a result, I think we will see increased investment in employee engagement and cultural development programs and solutions."

Jason Lauritsen

Quantum Workplace


“Some organizations are in denial about the war for talent. Maybe it’s because they haven’t experienced it first-hand yet. A competition for talent exists. It’s real. And the solution is to sharlyn laubydevelop an engagement and retention strategy. We’re not talking about bonus money and counter-offers. (Yes, some employees want more money and better perks, so having a competitive pay package is a must.) But there will come a time when all the money in the world won’t be enough for everything an employee will have to deal with. Companies have to think about how they’re going to recruit and attract new talent and retain and engage their employees.”

Sharlyn Lauby

HR Bartender | ITM Group | Mashable


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