EVA Main Excellence in Engagement

Excellence in Engagement  

A people-first culture that gets results—the Excellence in Engagement Award is given to an organization that understands that a highly engaged culture is a driver of business success.

You ingrain employee engagement throughout your workforce all year round. You don’t just solicit employee feedback. You act on it to ensure your employees feel valued and heard. And your managers feel empowered to make an impact.

You’ve noticed an increase in engagement has led to an increase in organizational performance. You’re seeing measurable impact.

Retention is high. Turnover is low. Business goals are being met. Your organization is an awesome place to work! And we want to know how you made it happen.

  • What initiatives have you prioritized to create a highly engaged culture?
  • How did you ingrain employee engagement throughout your workforce?
  • What business impact have you seen as a result of your efforts?

It's easy to apply!

  1. Review "What You Need to Know."
  2. Fill out the application form (submit one application for each category).
  3. Email your application and supporting files to EVA@quantumworkplace.com by Friday, April 30th.
  4. Winners will be notified by Friday, May 14th.