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Change is inevitable in an organization and can lead to uncertainty among employeesimpacting engagement.

Maybe your organization went through a merger or acquisitionevents that can really affect a company's culture. Or maybe you had some big personnel changes or suddenly had to move your workforce to operating remotely (ahem, 2020).

There are usually a lot of questions and emotions involved in these types of transitions, but if the right strategy is executed, leadership can help breed the positivity needed to work through what can be a challenging time.

We’re looking to honor a Change Navigator—a company that illustrates that they’ve handled a big change (or even multiple changes) like a pro.

  • How have you handled transparency in communication?
  • How have you collected feedback regarding the change?
  • What goals did you create to keep efforts on track?
  • Do you have efforts in place to help ensure that employees continue to feel appreciated?

We’re not expecting you to have answers or solutions to ALL of these questions, but we do know that the right mix of tools and tactics are needed to prepare and manage change. We want to know what’s in your arsenal.

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It's easy to apply

  1. Review "What You Need to Know."
  2. Fill out the application form (submit one application for each category).
  3. Email your application and supporting files to EVA@quantumworkplace.com by Friday, April 30th.
  4. Winners will be notified by Friday, May 14th.