The Company

GM Financial is a leading financial services company, providing auto finance solutions across the globe. With a commitment to innovation and excellence, GM Financial has established itself as a trusted partner for customers and dealers alike. As a global organization, GM Financial operates with a focus on delivering exceptional service and fostering a culture of continuous improvement. 

Challenges Faced

GM Financial had several key areas to focus on in navigating the rapidly changing landscape of work. Remote work management, talent attraction and retention, and leadership development emerged as critical areas for focus. The shift to remote and hybrid work models presented unique challenges in maintaining productivity, communication, and employee well-being. Additionally, attracting and retaining skilled talent became increasingly challenging amidst labor shortages and evolving expectations for workplace flexibility. 

Opportunities Seized

GM Financial implemented proactive strategies to address the evolving needs of its workforce. Embracing flexible career paths, remote-friendly development initiatives, and inclusive opportunities, GM Financial prioritized employee success and growth. Furthermore, the company focused on equipping leaders with the skills and resources needed to support remote teams effectively. 

Solutions Implemented and Tangible Results Achieved 

In their journey towards creating a workplace culture that thrived in the face of remote work challenges, GM Financial found an ally in Quantum Workplace. Leveraging a suite of tools and services, they embarked on a transformative path, guided by a commitment to employee success and engagement. 


GM Financial’s strategy includes:  


Engagement Surveys: Armed with Quantum Workplace's Engagement Surveys, GM Financial embarked on a mission to listen to their employees' voices. These surveys became a strategic tool used to support their continuous listening efforts, offering a window into the collective sentiment of their workforce. By positioning feedback as a critical element in their strategic planning, GM Financial identified areas for improvement and crafted targeted, meaningful action plans to address them. 


Continuous Listening Strategy: Recognizing the need for ongoing dialogue, GM Financial implemented a Continuous Listening Strategy. This approach ensured that employee feedback wasn't a one-time event but rather a continuous conversation. With Quantum Workplace's tools facilitating real-time insights, GM Financial remained agile, responding swiftly to emerging issues and opportunities. 


Feedback and Communication Tools: Quantum Workplace's feedback and communication tools became indispensable assets in GM Financial's arsenal. From comment summaries to text analytics, these tools provided deep insights into employee feedback, empowering leaders to connect with their teams on a deeper level. By fostering open communication channels, GM Financial cultivated a culture of transparency and trust. 


Dashboarding and Reporting: As GM Financial charted their course towards success, Quantum Workplace's dashboarding and reporting capabilities served as their compass. Customized dashboards provided leaders with actionable insights, enabling data-driven decision-making and strategic planning. With a clear view of key metrics, GM Financial remained focused on their goals, tracking progress over time. 


The implementation of these Quantum Workplace tools, coupled with GM Financial's proactive strategies, yielded remarkable results. Employee engagement soared, as did participation in development initiatives. With a culture of continuous feedback and learning firmly established, GM Financial saw a significant increase in employee retention and satisfaction. 


Unsolicited feedback from an EVP: "I have never understood the data in this way, both in the breadth of the information but in the inter-connectedness of it. I feel like I know what [our employees] want and need." 


The ability to use Quantum tools to listen to employees and ask questions proved to be key to GM Financial's success. The tools provided a way to support employees as the company grew, consistently keeping employee engagement at the forefront. Moreover, the research capabilities offered by Quantum empowered GM Financial to make informed decisions and drive initiatives forward. Through their partnership, GM Financial not only weathered the challenges of remote work but emerged stronger, more resilient, and more connected than ever before. 

What's Next for GM Financial? 

With a focus on connecting the business strategy to the talent strategy, GM Financial is poised to chart new heights in employee engagement, satisfaction, and organizational performance. The future is bright, and Quantum Workplace is honored to partner with GM Financial as they strive to make work better every day.  

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