Cubist Pharmaceuticals

Uses Employee Data to Analyze and Act

Improvement happens when employees have a voice and managers can make changes accordingly. Quantum Workplace helped Cubist do just that.

Caroline Chevalier

“User-friendly online reporting enables us to give our leaders and managers ownership of their data and the ability to conduct their own analysis.”

Caroline Chevalier
Benefits Manager

The Company

Committed to improving healthcare and wellbeing throughout the world, Cubist Pharmaceuticals specializes in drug research and development. This biotech firm is constantly pushing the technological boundaries surrounding pharmaceuticals. Cubist knows, however, that improving the world needs to start with small steps – like engaging your employees.

Size: 501-1,000

Industry: Healthcare

Solution: Engagement

The Challenges

As a company juggling many different tasks at once, Cubist needed a way to efficiently gather data, give managers control of results, and empower those managers to make the changes necessary. Cubist also wanted to be able to compare data from different departments, without having to do additional work.

The Solution

Quantum Workplace's comprehensive surveys and user-friendly platform:

  • Made it easy for employees to communicate with leadership
  • Gave division management ownership of the data, empowering them to make appropriate changes
  • Allowed Cubist to slice 'n' dice data according to their preferences
  • Recommended specific solutions to engagement gaps