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Traci Schweikert  
Chief Talent Officer 


What part of your role are you most passionate about? 

Coaching is my favorite part of my role. Working with an executive or an individual to unlock their potential, improve work relationships or help find their work-life rhythm is a not only a great connection but a tangible contribution to our organization’s success.   


How do you help make work better every day? 

My focus in on our complete talent lifecycle.  My team regularly reviews our talent practices, new market practices and employee feedback as we consider new ways to shape and improve our employee experience.  My job is to coach my executive peers to adapt as the workplace and the talent market changes.   


Why did you choose to be a part of Quantum Workplace’s Customer Advisory Board? 

Quantum Workplace's tools and team of advisors have enriched our talent strategies and practices in ways we couldn’t have imagined when we first began talking to them about employee surveys. The opportunity to tap into their expertise and meet like-minded HR innovators was a gift!   


How do you use Quantum Workplace to pursue your strategic initiatives? 

Too often, talent narratives are either amplified or minimized by either the presenter or the receiver’s perspective.  Having data to accompany those narratives gives our executive team and our leaders tangible places to focus our efforts.  Using data trends, we can see where we are hitting or missing the mark and pivot as necessary.  Talent agility in the current employment market is a key piece of our success.   


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