Customer Advisory Board

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Rachel Hudson, PHR, SHRM-CP, PMC 
Performance Success Manager


What part of your role are you most passionate about? 

When my (then) 9-year-old niece asked what I do for work, I told her that "I help people love their jobs." I listen to our people, gather their ideas, and create strategies that build high engagement and allow BKDers to leverage their strengths. 


How do you help make work better every day? 

I'm able to build a positive and engaging workplace experience. I use data to understand trends, build support and buy-in, design strategies that help BKDers gain coaching and feedback, build opportunities for high engagement, and create opportunities for continued career success. 


Why did you choose to be a part of Quantum Workplace’s Customer Advisory Board? 

Quantum Workplace has been a strategic partner as the firm evolved our performance and engagement strategies. Through the Customer Advisory Board, we have a voice in shaping our user experience, and gain ideas and best practices from other members.


How do you use Quantum Workplace to pursue your strategic initiatives? 

Quantum Workplace provided guidance as we reinvented our performance and engagement programs, helping us gain the most from the system and offering research, tools, and support. We currently use 1-on-1s, Feedback, Goals, and surveys and anticipate taking advantage of other aspects of the system in the future.  


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