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James Webb 
VP Global People Development, Engagement & Communications 
Fossil Group 


What part of your role are you most passionate about?  

For me, it is a bit of a micro/macro story. From a micro standpoint, it has always been about supporting employees to help them have aha and lightbulb moments. There is nothing like the feeling you get when you see an employee involved in training, and it clicks, or you see a manager and employee in a coaching moment, and they are both lighting up from the results. I also enjoy the macro level of my role and looking at our human capital from an enterprise perspective--solving those large-scale initiatives to upskill our employees or to understand what the future of work looks like. 


How do you help make work better every day?  

My goal is to balance the employee and business needs and have perspective for both. By understanding and representing both sides, it allows us to have a balanced environment that is engaged.


Why did you choose to be a part of Quantum Workplace’s Customer Advisory Board? 

Quantum Workplace and its software add value to organizations, and to have the ability to influence that success is fulfilling. I also have a strong admiration for my board peers and appreciate the opportunity to learn from them regularly.  


How do you use Quantum Workplace to pursue your strategic initiatives?  

Quantum Workplace is an intricate part of our employee lifecycle and a great tool for employees to leverage as they pursue results and career growth. From the feedback to the data, we could not have the culture we have without Quantum Workplace's support.  


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