Aspire Public Schools

    New engagement software provides the knowledge needed to align team and organizational performance


    In a constant effort to ensure equality, Aspire Public Schools used Quantum Workplace’s comprehensive engagement tools to spread its mission both within the classroom and in the workplace.

    Caroline Chevalier

    “Since using Quantum Workplace, our employees have provided a lot of great feedback around the visibility and the transparency of the performance and goals software, while also allowing for privacy around goals that are a little more sensitive. It’s been lovely having the platform support this model of visibility, transparency, and sharing, while also honoring that some things we’ll want to keep private between you and your manager.”

    Heather Berkley 
    Director of Solution Delivery

    The Company

    Aspire Public Schools is a charter management organization operating 44 small charter schools in low-income areas across California and Tennessee. Founded in 1998, Aspire aims to increase quality academic accessibility to underserved students and be a positive example to public schools nation-wide. Aspire’s mission is to ensure that “every child’s aspirations – including college – are within reach.” It is this focus on equity within the classroom that led the company to ask more of its performance initiative outside of it.

    Size: 2,501-5,000

    Industry: Education

    The Challenges

    With a high value placed on teachers in their education-centered organization, non-teaching teammates began to feel ignored. They didn’t know how they fit into the future of the organization or if they were meeting company expectations. With non-teaching staff making up half of Aspire’s employee base, this level of disengagement couldn’t continue. Aspire needed a comprehensive software that could foster a highly relational culture, provide transparency into organizational goals, and facilitate helpful one-on-ones between employees and managers, where teammates voice concerns and understand how performance is measured.

    The Solution

    An employee engagement software managers can use to drive employee performance, including:

    • Online, peer-to-peer recognition boards to recognize employee excellence
    • A mix of HR-initiated and employee-initiated one-on-ones for effective performance conversations
    • Useful, customizable one-on-one templates for the wide variety of manager conversational skill levels
    • Effective goal management tools to provide organizational visibility and employee alignment