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What Employees Really Think of Your Engagement Survey

/ 7.25.13

Studies show that one of the most effective ways to receive honest and candid employee feedback is through an employee engagement survey. The anonymous survey ensures employees 100 percent confidentiality, while providing leaders with comprehensive feedback and invaluable insight into the organization’s strengths and weaknesses.It’s easy to see why leaders invest in the employee engagement survey process, but what do employees think? After analyzing various employee surveys, we have found that the opinion is split; some employees love the process, and some think it’s a waste.


But why is that? Shouldn’t all employees value a process that is designed to make their opinions be heard and ultimately improve their work experience? Read the comments below to find out what makes employees love or hate their organization's survey assessment process.


We Love Our Employee Survey

  • We always have a voice in the eyes of [our CEO], and it even shows with this survey.
  • The fact that I know my opinion is heard makes me work that much harder.
  • Employees are empowered here. This survey is just another example of how we play a role in the company’s direction.
  • This survey provides an open forum for communication for all employees to discuss sensitive issues.
  • The fact that [leadership] distributes this to every employee (even the “little guys”) throughout the company proves that they have a real desire for genuine feedback.

We Hate Our Employee Survey

  • Is it right to force employees to take the survey? I had every intention of taking the survey (and was actually looking forward to it again), but nothing puts a bad taste in someone’s mouth like being forced, even threatened, to do something that is clearly voluntary.
  • The concept behind this survey is great. Execution is not.
  • On my past three surveys I’ve written that our communication strategy is below par. This issue has yet to be addressed.
  • I don’t trust leadership to use our surveys to better the organization.
  • I took this survey last year and still haven't seen any results. Share results with your employees, or we'll stop taking surveys.

Lack of empowerment, value, and trust are key reasons why some employees hate the engagement survey process. Gain employee buy-in before, during, and after the survey process to make the experience valuable for your entire organization.


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