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Poaching: Combat the Growing Challenge in Employee Retention


Poaching employees is nothing new; business competitors have been wooing one another's top talent for decades. But with more connectivity and networking tools in the professional arena, along with a newly minted website (formerly that's dedicated to putting "everyone in the world in the best job for them," how can your employee retention efforts compete?



Below are a few keys to poach-proofing your employees and increasing employee retention:

Don’t Oversell the Opportunity

During the interview stage, did you promise more or better than the reality? New employees will be able to tell in a matter of time, and they’ll jump at the first opportunity to leave. Realistic expectations are the first step in employee retention.


Build A Sticky Culture

A good culture is safe from imitation and cannot be matched by an increase in salary or benefits. If your employees feel connected to their workplace, form relationships with their coworkers, and feel at home in their environment, very few will bet on the chance of finding that again.


No idea where to start? Read more about how you can leverage your employee survey to define and build your company’s culture.


Implement Retention Strategies That Work

If you don’t have proven employee retention strategies in place, you can almost guarantee some employees will leave for organizations that do. Start by uncovering why employees leave and come up with targeted plans to address those issues in your organization. Our latest research uncovered the top five predictors of employee turnover and provided three year-long strategies for increasing retention.


Download the Ebook: Top 5 Predictors of Employee Turnover



Make Development Opportunities Clear

Countless employees have been lured away to another company by the prospect of a different or more senior position, promise of skill development, or the opportunity to have an excellent mentor. Make sure you have these programs in place, and make sure you’re letting people know they exist!


Commit to a Vision

Who quits their high school basketball team in the middle of the state playoff game? You’d be hard-pressed to find a single example. Why? Because their vison is staring them straight in the face. They might win, they might lose, but you better believe they’re going stay around until it’s over. To keep employees for the long haul, set a clear vision for individual impact and organizational success.


Poaching may be on the rise, but with the right game plan in place, your employees will stay with you for years to come. Click below to uncover the top five turnover predictors and what you can do to increase retention (and defend against poaching!) in your organization.


New Research! Top 5 Predictors of Employee Turnover



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